Operation and use

An important quality parameter of the FleckScore system is the derivation of total scores from the single traits and recordings of defects for the frame, feet and legs and udder complex. Hitherto, it was only possible for professional livestock assessors using electronic recording devices to use FleckScore. With this online information document, practical breeders and schoolchildren are also able to learn the system and make practical use of it.

Information on the single traits and defects can be called up using the Info button in the online information document. Linear single traits are described on a scale of 1 to 9 while possible defects are assigned with the differentiation 1 and 2.  The contributions from the single traits according to their effect on productive life length are weighted from the system for calculating the proposed marks. Information on this can be found under the menu item ‘Calculation of total scores’. The proposal entered for feet and legs and udder can be taken from the assessor or changed by +/- 3 points. So the eyes of experts are still sought for the ability to adapt the proposal to a specific animal. The population mean, independent of lactation, corresponds to about 80 points on a range of the scale of 68-93 points in the case of heifers and a further upping of the scale in the case of multiparous cows.

With the online information document, Simmental cows of all ages can be described. The assessments recorded are sent to a specified mail address at which they can be archived and processed further.

As a special service for schools and cattle breeding organisations, an assessment programme for the holding of animal judging competitions is offered. The data recorded using the Online Information Document are converted after mail delivery into a string which can be processed further using the assessment programme. Descriptions of participants can thus be compared against a standard and the deviations from the standard description thereby calculated. The assessment programme is available on request from Ing. Gerald POLLAK.

Completion instructions

  1. Completion of the mandatory fields for identification:
    The correct allocation of the lactation number is particularly important since the calculation of the results is lactation-specific. The system provides exterior descriptions which describe the deviations from the population mean over lactations and thus take account of the further physical development of the cow. With the specification of a mail address, the dispatch location of the results is defined.
  2. Completion of the mandatory fields of single traits and the assignment of possible defects
  3. Confirmation or modification of the total scores for feet and legs and udd
  4. ‘Send Now’ button

The description entered is sent to the specified mail address using this.

Reference should be made to the specified address under the menu item ‘Contact’ for any further questions about the FleckScore system and the use of the Online Information Document.