Factbox FleckScore

  • The aim and purpose of assessing Simmental cattle with FleckScore are firstly the earliest possible identification and description of those exterior traits which positively influence productive life length and secondly the delivery of data for exterior genetic evaluation.
  • 22 single traits are measured or described on a scale of 1-9 respectively from one biological extreme to another.
  • The total scores for the frame, muscularity, feet and legs and udder complex are published.
  • Electronically supported total scores are calculated for frame, feet and legs and udder from the single traits recorded.
  • Scientific studies for the optimisation of productive life length form the basis of the weighting of single traits in the calculation of total scores.
  • Total scores are calculated on a lactation-specific basis.
  • Total scores are presented on a two-digit scale of 68-93 points in the case of heifers with a possibility of upping the scale in the case of multiparous cows.
  • The mean value of the trait in the population corresponds to about 80 points in the case of each key trait.
  • FleckScore thus provides exterior assessments which describe the deviation from the population mean over lactations and thus take account of the further physical development of the cows.