User’s guide in several languages

On behalf of the World and European Simmental federation the user’s guide is also available in English and Spanish. Also versions in Czech and Hungarian are available at the respective breeding organizations.

The brochure is printed in a manageable A5 size and contains all drawings of traits which are measured and scored. A description of how to use is also included.

The calculation of the main traits and the weight of the single traits, according to improve the of productive life, have been illustrate by a model cow.

A score schedule with all details of the definitions and the presentation of all parts of body by a cow model complete the information of the system FleckScore.

The user’s guide is an ideal base for the first step in scoring cows. It is also helpful for learning in schools as a basic document. For active breeders it is also a tool for learning and understanding the FleckScore system.

The user‘s guide can be ordered in German, English and Spanish by FLECKVIEH AUSTRIA or ASR.

Autor: Ing. Reinhard Pfleger, FLECKVIEH AUSTRIA