Expert meeting 2023 in Switzerland

The chief classifiers of Europe met this year in Switzerland.

The Bernese Oberland is the cradle of Simmental cattle breeding and presented itself with a magnificent nature during the two days.

26 participants from 10 different countries were able to learn about the latest developments in technical presentations.

26 Experten und Expertinnen aus 10 verschiedenen Ländern nahmen am Treffen teil. Foto: Swissherdbook

26 experts from 10 different countries attended the meeting. Photo: Swissherdbook

The main focus was on a review and further development of the FleckScore system, as the existing data basis for the score calculation was already done 12 years ago. In most characteristics, the correlations to the duration of use are very stable. For the traits hock angle and teat formation adjustments were decided. This is to counteract the trend towards shorter and finer teats. Likewise, teats that are very close and point inwards will be taken into account more in the udder score in future. This is very important, especially with regard to suitability in milking robots.

Furthermore, the FLECKSCHOOL system was presented. From now on, comparative evaluations can be made for training courses and competitions. Information on this can be found under the Fleckschool button.

The practical exercises took place on the farm of Ueli Schärz in Äschi. His excellent original Simmental herd shows best conformation and must be able to produce milk during the summer at over 2000 metres altitude. Information on a marketing project of Simmental cattle products also showed the possibilities on the product side.

The Swiss colleagues supported the meeting in the best possible way and presented themselves as very friendly hosts. Fleckvieh and Original Simmentaler – two populations with family ties that may be cultivated more strongly again in the future.

Author: B. Luntz